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In the southwest of Saluzzo, where Bronda river reshapes the valley, stands the Castle of Castellar on a hill "where the atmosphere is very healthy and you can enjoy a spacious horizon"

G.Casalis, “Dictionary of States by His Majesty the King of Sardinia”, Turin.

The castle is located in the municipality of Castellar, province of Cuneo, five kilometers from the town of Saluzzo, capital of the Marquisate.
The castle was built in the fourteenth century for defensive purposes on a large rocky area overlooking the Bronda Valley.
It was built by the Marquis Tommaso II of Saluzzo whose son, Azzone (from which originated the branch of the family of the Counts of Saluzzo Paesana and Castellar), enlarged it and planted perennial mansion.
From 1300 to 1940 he was always owned and inhabited by the family, which at the end of the nineteenth century inherited the title of Marquis of Saluzzo.
It is currently owned by the family Aliberti.
The Castle of Castellar was enlarged and embellished over the centuries, up to the present "dress", having been restored in the late nineteenth century by the famous architect Dandrade.
Rebuilt the drawbridge, the four corner towers, the central tower and Ghibelline battlements, the castle is again the typical medieval fortress which was before.
The interior is divided into large rooms, most of which are frescoed with coffered ceilings richly painted.
The two central galleries, one on the first floor and the other on the second, separate the halls.
In the hall of the Italian Risorgimento you find a collection of rare historical military relics, weapons and uniforms of the Risorgimento and Italy’s Unification.
A richly flowered park of 600 sqm surrounded by crenellated wall, is well suited to receive demonstrations and events.


The castle can be visited with a guide, the dates are established year by year, instead groups can book every day of the year.
Contact us to know tickets’ prices.
Options for the groups:
- Guided tour of the castle + park;
- Guided tour of the castle + park + local wine tasting.


Festival of Scarecrows

From 4 to 11 May Festival of Scarecrows in Castellar